Startup Weekend Recap
Got back to philly 24 hours ago after being part of startup weekend at NYC. Met a ton of very interesting people, honed my programming skills, and had a SHIT LOAD of fun! Our project, “Artmented”, is an augmented reality (AR) mobile application wherein a user can place digital art, or paint art using a finger-paint application, in a location wherein it can be viewed using your phone’s camera. Think of a virtual reality layered on top of the physical world. Imagine placing digital graffiti on your favorite wall, or placing a photo of you and your loved ones in a meaningful place, or even┬áplacing a photo of a beautiful beach with coconut trees and turtles in the middle of a dessert (ok, now that’s just mean). But you get the point. Our team won 4th out of a total of 15 teams which is pretty good. We got 2nd most votes but unfortunately the judges didn’t favor us because of our business model – I guess in the end it’s still about the business, oh well, our app was still frikin awesome!