Last Week in San Diego

It’s officially my last week of living here in San Diego. It’s been a tremendous experience and it’s hard to believe I’m leaving this piece of paradise (I’m going to miss you yearlong mid-70 degree weather)! I’ve always been a huge advocate of goal-setting and having the end in mind. To me, if one is compelled by a vision, then one must make the steps to fulfill that vision. This entails making all the necessary changes to get to the end point. Every action, I view, should be a result of striving for a larger goal. No matter the difficulty of the action, if it is necessary, it must be made. Failure to do so, makes all the difference between getting what you want, and what you don’t want. With that said, zooming out 10,000 feet and putting into perspective the bigger picture, for me to achieve my long-term goals, I need to make the necessary steps in the present to get to where I want to be. At the moment, that means leaving the confines of HP and joining an exciting startup in the bay area. Startups and social innovation have always fascinated me and it only makes sense for me to move towards that direction. Personally, I find it easy to get sucked into something simply because it’s interesting or comforting. However, I know that for me to feel a sense of fulfillment, I need look beyond the mist and act in accordance to my goals and follow my passion. Even if that means leaving something as beautiful as San Diego. Farewell, San Diego. You will be severely missed!