Self-Learning Resources
One of the many pleasures in life involves learning something new. Whether it be learning a new culture, learning how to paint, learning how to write creatively, or learning how to fly a kite; the act of “knowing” something is nothing less than exciting. With that said, I’m a firm believer in the active pursuit of self-learning and self-education—who said learning should stop in school? Perhaps graduating school is the end of formal learning, but if it were the end of learning in itself, life would be very, very, boring. Below are some resources I’ve used in the past for taking free online classes. As my Calc 2 professor would say, these resources are “jewels in a priceless treasure chest”. Coursera: Academic Earth: Khan Academy: MIT Open Courseware: Engineer Guy: Google Code University: …and of course it goes without saying that another great resource for self-learning is… a book! I’m currently using to find good recommendations based on books I’ve read on the past, and it’s also a good social website to view what your friends are currently reading and what they’ve read in the past. I hope you find these priceless “jewels” as invaluable as I found them. Enjoy!